Deadly Dozen Demo

nFusion has released a playable demo of Deadly Dozen, allowing you to try out their budget-priced WWII tactical shooter. The demo features a tutorial, as well as the first mission from the full game. Download:
  • Deadly Dozen Demo (109 MB)
  • Deadly Dozen Demo Version 1.02 -------------------------- Thank you for trying the Deadly Dozen Demo, we hope you enjoy it! This document contains information on last-minute changes to the game and troubleshooting information. If you are viewing this in Notepad then please turn "Word Wrap" on in the Format menu. -------------------------- Minimum Requirements --------------------- Pentium II 300Mhz 64MB RAM Direct3D 7.0 compatible video card with 8MB VRAM DirectSound 7.0 compatible sound card 8X CD-ROM Drive 500MB Hard Drive Space Windows 95/98 Recommended Requirements ------------------------- Pentium II 800Mhz 256MB Ram Direct3D 8.0 compatible video card with 32MB VRAM DirectSound 8.0 compatible sound card with 3D sound acceleration 16X CD-ROM Drive 650MB Hard Drive Space Known Issues ------------ - It is not possible to play the game in the same exact resolution and bit depth as your desktop. So if you can't set a video mode in the Graphics Options you know should be available, odds are its the same as your desktop. A workaround is to change your desktop settings, or just play in a different video mode. This bug was found at the last minute and we are working on a fix. - The tutorial will always start in 3rd person even if you choose to default to first person in the options. - Anti-aliasing support is very driver/video card specific. It can also be very slow, depending on your video card. If the game is very "glitchy", or crashes a lot and you have anti-aliasing on try turning it off. - This game uses a lot of RAM. On 64 meg and even 128 meg machines it may get choppy at times. The best way to improve speed in this game is to get more RAM. - The game can be played in windowed mode by passing the "-win" command-line option when the program is run. Windowed mode is not supported, but if you have serious video card issues or just like to play games in a window you can try it. - Windows 2000 and Windows XP are not supported officially but seem to work fine in our limited testing. - Deadly Dozen doesn't support Alt-tabbing. It may work, it may not. Most likely not. - We know the game is nearly impossible on Hard difficulty. This is intended and not a bug. If you can beat the game on hard you are a gaming god. If you think you have what it takes go ahead and try. Compatibility ------------- Below is a list of video cards that have been tested with the game and known to work. The driver version that was tested is listed along with each video card as well as any notes on compatibility problems and possible solutions. nVidia TNT2/GeForce/GeForce2/GeForce3 (and variations) Driver Version: 21.83 Notes: No issues. 3dfx Voodoo5 Driver Version: 1.0400 Notes: No issues. ATI Radeon Driver Version: 4.13.7075 Notes: You must have the "Disable Gloss Mapping" checkbox checked in the Device Configuration program for the game to run correctly. Matrox Millenium G400/G450 Driver Version: 6.22.010 Notes: No issues. nVidia TNT Driver Version: 21.83 Notes: Due to driver bugs some objects appear a bit darker than they should. This does not affect gameplay and may be fixed in future drivers version. 3dfx Voodoo3 Driver Version: 1.07.00 Notes: Simultaneous vertex coloring and multitexturing is not supported by the hardware so the ground will look brighter than it should. Turning off terrain shadows will make the ground the correct brightness but you will lose shadows. Also note that this card is reporting it can do 32 bit modes but actually can't. Even if you choose 32bit in the graphical options it will be running in 16bit when you play the game. ATI Rage 128 Driver Version: 4.13.7078/7140 Notes: No issues. 3dfx Voodoo2 Driver Version: 3.02.02 Notes: You must set "Terrain Shadows" to Disabled in the in-game graphics options. It is also suggested detail objects be turned off and view distance be set to low, due to this video card's low amount of ram. This card is actually below min. spec for this game but does seem to work okay, albeit slow. Video Cards not Supported: nVidia Riva128 3dfx Voodoo1 ATI Rage Pro Matrox G200 Intel 82810E Trident Blade3D These video cards are not supported and have not been tested with Deadly Dozen. Many of them are missing features that Deadly Dozen requires for correct operation, or are just too slow to run the game at an adequate frame rate. If your video card is not in either of the above lists that doesn't mean it won't work, it just means we didn't test it. If there are problems, look in the troubleshooting section below for possible fixes. Troubleshooting --------------- Problem: The game doesn't look right; it doesn't look like the screenshots on the back of the box or the web page. Sometimes you will see large squares, textures aren't showing up or everything is a solid color or other graphical anomalies. Solution: The first thing to try is to go into the graphics options menu in the game and turn the Fog option off. If this doesn't fix the problem then run the Device Configuration program (found on the start menu in the folder the game was installed to), and check the box on the Advanced page that reads "Disable Gloss Mapping". If those two things don't work then try selecting a different 3D device in the Device Configuration program (if there is more than one). If none of these solutions solves the problem you may have to upgrade your video drivers. A list of video card manufacturers and their web pages are listed below. Go to the web page of the manufacturer of your video card and download the latest version of your video card's drivers and install them. This fixes graphical problems 99% of the time. 3DFX: 3D labs: ATI Technologies: Creative Labs: Diamond Multimedia: ELSA Hercules: Matrox: nVIDIA: PowerVR: S3: Terratec: Trident: Problem: The sound in the game sometimes screws up. I hear static, the same sound repeating over, sounds play while the game is loading or sounds just don't play. Solution: Just like video cards, sound cards have drivers too. The first thing you should do is go to the web page of the manufacturer of your sound card and download the latest drivers. If after installing those you still have sound problems you will need to run the Device Configuration program (found on the start menu in the folder the game was installed to). Go to the Sound tab and select "Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio". This should solve all sound problems, with only a slight loss in sound quality. Problem: The game is running very slow. Solution: The game attempts to configure itself when you first run it but sometimes it may configure wrong. If you feel that the game is running too slowly there are two things you can do to make it faster. The first is to turn Detail Objects off in the options screen. If it still runs too slowly turn the View Distance to Low. If you do both of these things and the game still runs too slowly then you will need to upgrade your PC to attain acceptable performance. Problem: The game is way too hard! I can't even get past the first few enemies on the first map! Solution: Have patience; this is not a shoot-em-up action game where you can run in, guns blazing. If after a few tries you still find it too hard you can adjust the difficulty of the game in the Gameplay section of the options screen. Setting the difficulty to easy should make the game a lot easier. Also setting the realism to Arcade makes the game play more like an action game where you can run around without worrying about stealth and one-shot kills. -------------------------- Deadly Dozen Copyright 2001 Infogrames, Inc.. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft® and Windows® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Published by: The WizardWorks Group, Inc. An Infogrames Company 2155 Niagara Lane North #150, Plymouth, MN 55447 USA