Perimeter Screens #8

Codemasters have released some more screenshots of their title Perimeter. In Perimeter, "Play is built on territory seizure and, in a first for RTS gaming, one of the key additions to strategic gameplay is the player's ability to terraform, drastically altering planetary landscapes, in order to extract vital energy resources from the planet surface." Perimeter will be published in spring 2004.
Perimeter is a ground breaking real-time strategy game which brings, a range of fresh ideas to the RTS genre. Use strategic Terraforming to acquire resources, project a impenetrable perimeter force shield to protect from attack and marshal your forces though manipulation of nano-technology. These key gameplay elements deliver a new challenging and rewarding experience for single and multiplayer. Perimeter is set in a universe where the earth is dying and multiple civilisations are in a race across a newly discovered galaxy to colonise the only suitable planet. This epic journey will involve exploring many new worlds, battling against other civilisations and indigenous species, all to acquire energy to continue the search for a new home. Features: * TERRAFORMING For the first time in RTS history the player by strategically manipulating the environment can extract energy, expand their base, increase their territory and limit their opponents options. The condition of the landscape can be changed completely by a number of influences including special units, explosions and natural geological processes. * PERIMETER FORCE SHIELD A impenetrable force shield can be raised once the necessary buildings have been constructed, and the players energy reserves last. The force shield protects the player from virtually all attack, and allows for a number of defensive and offensive strategies to be executed. * NANOTECHNOLOGY Units can be transformed into different units on the battlefield, giving the player powerful tactical opportunities to adapt combat units to a particular situation. Not all unit's will be effective in all situations and base unit?s must be built tactically, either to focus on a sole function or to be adaptable. * ENERGY MANAGEMENT Energy extracted from the terraformed planets surface constantly powers the players units, buildings and force shield. Thus even squads operating far from the players base depend on their energy network. Without power buildings and bases are susceptible to capture which can turn a game in seconds. Constant energy management is vital to success. * COMMAND GROUPS Control troops via command groups, up to 500 individual units can be managed on a higher strategic level. * DEPTH OF GAMEPLAY 27 scenario driven missions, 28 morph-able units, 24 structure types, 30 single player maps, 5 multiplayer maps, 3 unique factions * GRAPHICS Engine capable of manipulating 10 million polys per second. * MUSIC Original and evocative music score * SINGLE-PLAYER GAME The player participates in the life of the Exodus civilization along an extended timeline. Perimeter takes place in a detailed science fiction universe and embraces an epic plot centred on the fate of Exodus civilization that abandoned the Earth in search for a new world. * MULTI-PLAYER GAME 1-4 Lan and Online multi-player offering unique tactical and strategic gameplay.

Perimeter on PC
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