Evochron Mercenary v1.488 Demo

Control your destiny in true freeform gameplay with a variety of activities and objectives to complete
StarWraith 3D Games has released a new demo/patch for Evochron Mercenary, a first person 3D space combat, trader, and exploration simulation. The sequel to Evochron Legends features a new graphics engine that supports most 3D video cards with at least shader model 2.0 support. The new planetary engine offers a much higher level of detail along with new effects including a cloud and haze system that renders clouds you can see in the distance from space then descend and fly through while in planet atmospheres. The sound and music has been enhanced significantly and includes dynamic music by Rich Douglas that changes with the level of hostility around the player. In addition, the new fleet command system lets the player issue orders to AI ships in single player and to human controlled ships in multiplayer (kept private for only the other players who have matching clan ID tags in their callsigns). The player can order ships to form up, attack hostiles, defend them specifically, mine asteroids, or reload and refuel.