NFK and NFK Santa's Gone Postal Updated Demos

As a friendly gift for your holy sunday we have mirrored recently updated (with XP support) demo versions of Natural Fawn Killers and NFK: Santa's Gone Postal. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • NFK: Santa's Gone Postal (3 MB)
  • Natural Fawn Killers (3 MB)
  • They're asking for it... especially the rabbits "Gosh darn it, there's nothing like it. What's that? Why, huntin' season, of course. All them deer and wabbits, just skipping through the woods without a care in the world. Good thing I've got my huntin' rifle, with the scope and a couple of extra goodies I brought along for fun. Hey little fella, just a little closer now..." Natural Fawn Killers is a riot for hunting fans and non-fans alike. Join everyone's favourite psycho hunter Harry as he heads off to the woods with rifle and other exotic weapons to bag himself some meat. But watch out - not every creature's so cute and defenseless.... Natural Fawn Killers - good, clean harmful fun! 10 levels of bloodshed and mayhem Wing cute critters or take 'em out with a headshot Use decoy animal noises to lure victims, or just go in shooting! Take on bunnies, deer, bears and even bigger prey! Use an arsenal of weapons, including rifle and scope, grenade launchers and chain guns! Judge wind direction to sneak up on prey undetected Design your own levels for further play Download the demo and buy the game for only $14.99!