Exalight Launches and Client

Enter the free online 3D world of Exalight
Developed by French studio F4, Exalight is an online competitive racing game set in a futuristic world that takes players into its original universe for the thrill of quick, fast and intense races. Graphically inspired by anime, its original universe is home to four playable clans, each displaying very distinctive visual and driving attributes. This is the community space, where players get their first missions, and from where they access the racing tracks in up-to-10-players sessions. Races are the beating heart and soul of Exalight, with vehicles floating above the ground up to 500 miles per hour. Vessels, weapons and powers are progressively gained or unlocked. A resource management dimension is introduced here: players need to choose on which elements they want to spend the game credits they've collected through missions and races (in the shops of the community space). The latest game client is now locally mirrored.
Exalight Client (1003.27MB)