MapleStory Europe First Big Bang Update Launched and v0.73 Client/Screens

The biggest update in MapleStory’s history delivers a whole new experience
The first phase of Big Bang, the largest single update to ever come to MapleStory, has been launched today, Nexon announced. Players will be able to step out into the Maple World as heroes who can level up much faster than ever before. Skills and monsters have also been rebalanced, allowing players to rediscover the game with focused skills and familiar monsters. In addition, players will enjoy a higher graphical resolution, allowing them to experience a visually richer Maple World. Other changes include a complete user interface revamp, making Maple World simpler, neater and easier to navigate - a true overhaul to the entire game. An updated game client is now locally mirrored (thanks: Dennis) - ten fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.

MapleStory on PC
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