Venture - Diaries From The Battlegrounds Screens

Thrown into five epochs of human art of warfare you have to proof your skills in tactics and leadership
We have some screenshots from Venture - Diaries From The Battlegrounds, a 2D turn-based strategy game where each turn is composed of different phases like Reinforcement, Attack and Fortification. An advisor will assist the strategically underdogs, whether battling for the caves in Stone Age, conquering castles in the Middle Ages, protecting trade routes against Pirates, defending villages in World War 2 or reaching for the stars in outer space. The gamer can create personalized rules and choose one of the two game modes, Domination and Capital. The XP system allows the gamer to promote to the 39 different military ranks and up to 24 trophies are honouring the gamer’s achievements. At least there are two different unlockable extras waiting for the player which can be scanned with the Microsoft Tag Reader. Venture is available for 240 Microsoft Points in the following countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States; language used in the game is English.