Help from Hell - 26 July 2011 - Dream Pinball 3D v1.1 +3 Trainer

New FAQs, cheats and walkthroughs added
Today we have added the following frequenty asked questions (FAQS), walkthroughs and cheats to our cheat section:

Frequently asked questions and walkthroughs:
Golden Sun: FAQ/Walkthrough , courtesy of Shotgunnova
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D: FAQ/Walkthrough, courtesy of Berserker

Cheats, trainers and savegames:
Dream Pinball 3D v1.1 +3 Trainer
Rainbow Six Urban Ops Unlocker
Rainbow Six Take Down Unlocker
Rainbow Six Rogue Spear Unlocker
Rainbow Six Covert Ops Unlocker
Rainbow Six Black Thorn Unlocker
Rainbow Six Athena Swotd Unlocker
Magicka v1.4.0.2 +3 Trainer
Street Fighter IV v1.0.0.1 +15 Trainer
Ougon Musou Kyoku v1.10 +6 Trainer

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