Empire Earth v1.0.4.0 Patch

The game has just been released and Sierra has already issued the first patch for Empire Earth, bringing Stainless Steel Studios' 3D RTS to version The patch addresses several game crashes and some gameplay bugs (read full story for details). Download:
  • Empire Earth v1.0.4.0 Patch (1.6 MB)
  • Empire Earth PATCH README November 6, 2001 [ To read this file, select Edit/Word Wrap from the menu above ] TABLE OF CONTENTS [1] WHAT THE PATCH FIXES [2] HOW TO INSTALL THE PATCH [3] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION [4] CONTACTING SIERRA [1] WHAT THE PATCH FIXES ==================================== For more information regarding known issues, technical support solutions, and recommended video drivers, visit the Empire Earth website at: http://www.empireearth.com Game Stability Solutions: > Fixed a crash when players were scrolling along the edge of the map. > Fixed a crash that could occur upon exiting the Civilization Builder. > Fixed a crash that could occur if the chat window was brought up twice. > Fixed a crash that would result from excessively long chat messages. > Fixed a crash that could occur if a target Cyber was both being converted and time warped at the same instant. Other Resolved Issues: > Fixed a bug that prevented the right ctrl key from being registered properly. > Fixed a building hit point calculation bug that would result from the destruction of a player's Ishtar Gates. > Fixed a few random map issues that would result in uneven player start position with the Plains map. > Fixed a bug where the game audio would sometimes cease to play. > Fixed a bug where the computer player AI could sometimes build over its pop cap. > Fixed a couple issues that could result with players losing their connection upon game start. > Improved granularity of the mouse - increased the top speed while also better handling accuracy issues on fickle mice. International Version Issues: > Fixed a bug where the @ symbol could not be entered on some non-English keyboard layouts. > Fixed a bug where the random map generator would fail on non-English language systems. [2] HOW TO INSTALL THE PATCH ==================================== From your Start Menu, go to the "Empire Earth" menu and select "Update Empire Earth". This utility will allow you to download and install the latest patch for your version of Empire Earth. You must be connected to the internet for this utility to work. If you are behind a firewall and unable to download the patch, click "Configure Proxy" to try to remedy the problem. Once the patch is downloaded, it will attempt to locate your copy of Empire Earth on your hard drive. You can also choose an alternate directory to install the patch. Upon successful completion of the installation, you can restart Empire Earth. If you are still having difficulties, visit the forums at http://www.empireearth.com/ for additional support. [3] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ==================================== Please visit the Empire Earth website at http://www.empireearth.com/ for the latest information regarding Empire Earth.