Diablo III Requires Permanent Internet Connection/Real Money Auction House Announced

New info revealed
DiabloFans is reporting that Blizzard revealed some new and, let's say, interesting details about Diablo III, the third installment in the popular Diablo franchise under development for Windows and Macintosh. For example, instead of 7 active skills, your character will only have 6, and the traits system was removed and turned into a "passive skills" section on the skill window - you can only have up to 3 passive skills at one time. In addition, Battle.net 2.0 will include public games, a PvP matchmaking system, a quick-join system, and co-op option to play with our party members. Also, the game will have an auction house where you pay/sell items for real cash and vice versa. Moreover, Diablo III will require a persistent internet connection. Thanks: Blues.