Desert Rats Interview

With only just over a week to go before the UK release of Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps, Digital Jesters, Monte Cristo and Digital Reality have produced a Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps Developer Interview. The interview showcases the main features of Desert Rats, like the story of the two officers caught in the war, as well as some the gameplay features and also the 3D graphics of Desert Rats. The interview comes in two flavours, large at 55.8MB and small at 15.9MB. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps Interview Large (55 MB)
  • Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps Interview Small (16 MB)
  • Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps is Real-Time Tactical game in full 3D with highly realistic graphics, real time shadows, localised damage effects, explosions, weather effects and much more. Missions range from recon operations in the desert and escort missions to large-scale sieges of desert fortresses. All missions start with a briefing, a recap of the historical background and a management phase. Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps is characterised by a high level of combat realism and varied combat tactics. At any time the player can pause the game, to think over tactics, and give accurate orders before coming back to real time. Its soundtrack, composed by Ervin NAGY and the BAFTA Award winner Tamàs KREINER, intensifies the captivating atmosphere. Features: * More than 70 different units available on the total, each with its own characteristics (riflemen, artillery, tanks, air support...) * Three levels of experience can be acquired following the successful completion of missions * A challenging tactical AI * Three levels of difficulty * Management phase at the beginning of each mission to prepare the battle at best * Blitzkrieg Mode at the end of some missions (with no management / reinforcement phase for both camps) * Multiplayer mode up to 4 players