Brawl Busters Closed Beta Dated and Screens/Trailer

Become an original buster (1:33)
Rock Hippo Productions has announced that the closed beta test for Brawl Busters, a fast-paced, free-to-play third-person action game co-published with Weezor and developed by SkeinGlobe, will begin next week on Thursday, August 11th. Formerly known as Project Plan B, Brawl Busters is a dynamic new action brawler that features competitive and co-operative battle modes all in a unique third person view. Players will find five unique character classes including the Slugger, the Firefighter, the Rocker, the Boxer and finally, the Blitzer. With its signature funky visual style, the game will offer seven maps and will also feature a huge variety of customization options including body type, gender, weapons, costumes and accessories along with the ability to upgrade weapons and costumes with new abilities. Brawl Busters will feature a Training Mode, Challenge Missions, leader boards and persistent stat tracking. Eight fresh screenshots and a new trailer have been added in our download section.