Bounty Hounds Online NA Closed Beta Client

Fight criminals or aliens as you progress into a fully fledged Bounty Hunter capable of traversing other worlds where more dangers and treasures await
Wicked Interactive has released the closed beta client for the North American version of Bounty Hounds Online (BHO), a free-to-play MMORPG where man's first encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence led to a huge galactic war. With the birth of the Federal Government, war has officially ended and military forces have been reduced. The peace that followed however is merely a fašade and the government now relies heavily on Private Military Companies (PMCs) for their protection. These mercenaries, also known as Bounty Hounds, are uncontrollable and their numbers are growing. As one of the mercenaries who survived the galactic war, the player will be part of the Private Military, fight for mankind and become a true hero.