A free addon for latest UbiSoft Myst title, Uru, named To D'Ni, is now available for download. Thanks blues. Addon features new ages and areas and adds customization options and features. Check full article for a complete listing. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Uru To D'Ni Addon (173 MB)
  • To D'ni adds new Ages, areas, Relto customizations, technical features, clothing, gameplay and story to Uru. Immerse Yourself in New Ages/Areas * Ae'gura * Two Neighborhoods: Bevin and Kirel * Great Zero Customize Your Relto * Five new customizations including an imager to display your own images and a music box to play your own music files. Expanded Features and Gameplay * KI - take 800x600 pictures and view them in or out of game. * Five new puzzles that unravel another piece of the story. More Clothing Options * Six new pieces of reward clothing. * Ten new clothing items added immediately to the player's closet. Additional Journals and Audio Experience * Forty-two new journals and a new voiceover by actor David Ogden Stiers. Those of you who were in the Live Prologue will have seen some of these areas and other features. For those who have only seen Ages Beyond Myst, prepare to be blown away!
    Uru To DNi Addon (173.56MB)