Dhaila's Adventures GamesCom 2011 Trailer

Dhaila in a dungeon (1:49)
Wild Games Studio has released a new trailer for Dhaila's Adventures, an open-ended RPG/Adventure game due to launch in 2012 for PC, Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360. Featuring Dhaila, a young fairy whose powers are bound to nature, the game will rely on gameplay taking place in an open world where the player will update the origins of Dhaila and help fulfill her destiny. In addition to the main quest, Dhaila could fill hundreds of side quests depending on the choices and actions proposed. Puzzles and large dungeons filled with traps and monsters will be part of her adventure to enhance the gameplay. Furthermore, Dhaila will be accompanied with a friend that can be controlled by another player to help Dhaila during certain puzzles through teamwork.