Manhattan Chase Screens #4

Team6 own Ronnie Nelis has gone completely nuts and created some really special screenshots for us; make sure to check out official Manhattan Chase GamersHell car and girl. Rumours say you'll find them both in the final title as well! Also, from Team6: Shanghai Street Racer Demo, Manhattan Chase Demo.
The Manhattan Chase Demo offers two available Singleplayer modes to show both the 'in-car experience', as well as the '3rd person action'. In "instant action", the car-chases are more intense, agressive and addictive then showed in any other game ever before, and the 3rd person action from "Episode2" makes sure there is plenty of variation in gameplay terms. In 3rd person the girls carry effective but 'ordinary' weapons such as a machinegun, grenadelauncher or sniper: But once inside one of the dozen available cars the mass-destruction weapons become available! Vulcan-cannons, multi-missiles, homing rockets, mines and even airstrikes are yours to use or abuse. Warning: 18+ only! Contains violence, gore, bad language and some nudity! Hints'n tips for Instant Action in Manhattan Chase demo: - The "red devil" bonus ("gamershell"? nah..) makes your car solid & indestructeable for a while. - While being in a high-speed chase: learn how to perform the quick 180' spin, using the handbrake and proper usage of gas / steeringwheel / nitroboost, to make your opponents crash into a nearby wall. - The napalm-pickup sets your opponent on fire and causes a lot of damage: very weapon. - Before you launch an airstrike, select and lock a target: otherwise you will become the target.. Hints'n tips for Episode2 of the "good side" in Manhattan Chase demo: - When you run, the gun-aiming is less precise. Use the zoom function while firing single shots for maximum accuracy. - Since the demo contains unfinished code, it's not needed anymore to protect your information as soon as you've "activated" him or her: The speech will still continue and give 'valueable' information, even when he or she is dead : ) - Use "right shift" to run: 3rd person controls are not yet put in the controls-menu..