Call of Duty XP Zipline Safety Trailer

Play MW3 MP first, compete in the $1 Million tournament sponsored by Xbox 360, incredible live events, September 2nd & 3rd in LA (2:25)
Activision Publishing has released a new video for Call of Duty XP 2011, the first-ever celebration for the Call of Duty community taking place in Los Angeles on September 2 and 3. More than 6,000 fans are expected to be the first to witness the world premiere of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Attendees will be among the first to have the opportunity to get hands-on time with multiplayer and the new Spec Ops survival co-op mode. Also on display for the first time will be the full feature functionality of Call of Duty Elite, the new online service, built from the ground-up to support Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Supporting this event is a series of real-world Call of Duty action-experiences and gaming competitions as well as an unprecedented $1 million Call of Duty tournament by Activision and the event's lead sponsor, Xbox 360.