Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Released and Screens/Trailers

Beloved fighting game comes to PSN and Xbox LIVE Arcade
Capcom sent out a press release announcing that Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, the next chapter in the Street Fighter universe set in a timeline after Street Fighter IV, is available for PS3, with the Xbox 360 version to be launched tomorrow. Featuring the memorable characters of the Street Fighter III series, GGPO-enabled online allows players to use their technical moves – like the series-defining parry system – in a seamless, arcade-like environment. With new art and UI matched to hand-tuned HD filtering options, players can customize their viewing experience to their preference, even playing in a simulated arcade cabinet. Also, not only will players be able to watch local and global match replays in-game, but with a click of a button they can upload replays directly to YouTube to share with the rest of the world. Three new trailers and several fresh screenshots can now be found in our database.