League of Legends Talon Champion Spotlight Trailer

League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Talon, the Blade's Shadow with expert strategy and tactics provided by Riot Games (6:30)
Riot Games has released a new movie for League of Legends, an online multiplayer session-based game in which rival teams compete against one another for victory on highly stylized battlefields and landscapes. Players take on the role of a persistent Summoner avatar that gazes upon the battlefield from above and influences battles by taking command of a chosen Champion. During each online multiplayer play session, gamers choose one of dozens of unique Champions wielding diverse skills and abilities, and engage in fast-paced team-oriented combat to bring their foes to ruin. League of Legends features custom-built multiplayer support including matchmaking, stat tracking, clan support, anti-cheat systems, dedicated in-game ladders and Leaverbuster technology. In addition to extensive multiplayer features, League of Legends includes a single-player mode where players can learn how to play and practice new strategies by engaging robust Bot-AI.