Rohan: Rise of the Elements Launched and Client

Experience the triumphs and riches while embarking in many adventures
YNK Interactive has announced the launch of Rise of the Elements, a new Rohan: Blood Feud expansion that consist of several game updates and interface changes including the Hero, Elemental dungeon, and level reward system. The Elemental dungeon is instanced with minor, intermediate, and superior stages based on the 5 elements, where players can enter in a party to battle new monsters for exclusive rewards. The Hero is a level cap increase to 110 along with new Hero skills for each class that coincide with new armor, weapons, and quests. To celebrate the expansion, many events are scheduled, such as Race to the Top, where the first to reach level 110 from each class become legends, and Flawless Victory, where the first parties to defeat each Elemental Dungeon stage gets rewarded. The 2nd part of the update will be followed by an Honor System, Mercenary System, and item recycling, which is scheduled to be added in the next couple of months. A new game client is now locally mirrored.