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Releasing a movie and a huge batch of screenshots (available also in our gallery), GMXMedia has announced today D-Day 1944, an add-on for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3 made by an international team from Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand,. " With new aircraft, new sound, new effects, new scenery and new campaigns, "D-Day, 1944" captures the flavor of those spring days that saw the beginning of liberation for Europe.". The release date is May 2004. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
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  • GMX ANNOUNCES D DAY 1944 LONDON, UK (April 3, 2004) - GMX Media has today announced that it has secured the worldwide rights to D Day, an add-on for Microsoft™ Combat Flight Sim 3. Released in time for the 60th anniversary of the invasion, "D-Day, 1944" is the work of an international team from Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. With new aircraft, new sound, new effects, new scenery and new campaigns, "D-Day, 1944" captures the flavor of those spring days that saw the beginning of liberation for Europe. An in-game movie has also been released that will show gamers what they are in store for. THE GAME: D-Day, 1944: Invasion of Europe for CFS3 sports an all new dynamic campaign involving six nations: British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, and American forces in the invasion of German occupied Europe. All vital aircraft in the campaign are re-skinned with D-Day stripes, nine aircraft have all new damage and flight models, including the Mosquito FB VI, the Spitfire IXc, the Spitfire IXe, the Tempest Mk V the P51-D the P47-D, the B25-H and the B26-C. For the Germans this includes the Bf109 G10, the G14, the FW 190 A8 and the Ju88. The Ju88 A-4 and C-6 now have correct loadouts and the explosion bug is fixed. All bomber gunners will now engage you from up to 600 meters distance. And now you can fight against troops on the ground! We've cracked the infantry code and added ground troops for Axis and Allies. New aircraft, new sounds, new troops, new skins, new scenery, new nations (Canada, Australia and New Zealand), new noseart, new bases (including ALGs), new effects, new pilots and new voices: it's a new game within CFS 3. The single missions track the D-Day campaign battle by battle: the Allied landings and the battle for Caen; the battle for Villers-Bocage, and then the American race across the Cotentin Peninsula. The historical divisions and weapons are in place, and the map moves day by day as it did in the actual battle. But watch out.. the weather turns bad on June 18th and Allied supplies grow suddenly thin. British pilots can elect to fly the Mosquito FB VI, Spit IXc and later the Spit IXe and P51D. American pilots can elect to fly the P47D and later with the 56th FG at Horsham St.Faith, P51D, P38J or P47M. Canadian pilots can choose from the Tempest Mk V with 274 Sqn from Newchurch, the Spit Vb with 402 Sqn, and later the Spit IXc. RNZAF pilots can elect to fly the Mosquito FB VI, Spitfire IXb, or Tempest Mk V. RAAF pilots may fly the Spitfire IXc or Tempest Mk V. Pilots can elect to fly a training package for the Tempest Mk V, the P47D, the Spitfire Vb, or the P51D prior to entry into the campaign. Three new aircraft take to the skies. For the Canadian squadrons, the Spitfire Mk Vb. This Spitfire was considered by some veterans as the best of all time, using the wing of the earlier Spitfire but with the horsepower and firepower of the later Mk IX. For the British campaign, a new Mosquito FB VI is included. This FB VI is the later version featuring the 1635 HP Merlin engine and four 20mm cannon for ground attack. The extra horsepower gives you what you need when you encounter those nasty 109s. For the German campaign a new Focke Wulfe is modeled: the high powered D9 (Dora) interceptor. The 190 D9 was the best Focke Wulfe of the war, with a powerful engine and four powerful 20mm cannon. D-Day also includes new versions of the Bf109 G10 and the FW 190 A8 and A9, with improved damage modeling and flight modeling for all aircraft. D-Day, 1944 features one hundred and twenty single missions arranged in four linear campaigns, beginning with the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. The linear campaigns are available for American, British, Canadian or New Zealand aircraft flying the P47D, Mosquito FB VI, the Tempest Mk V, or the Spitfire Mk IX respectively. The dynamic campaign allows a broader selection of aircraft, and spans 86 days with three missions per day for a total of 378 missions in this complete package. New Sounds & Effects Enjoy enhanced sound effects for the Merlin and Packard engines, giving your aircraft more depth and thunder. New voices have been recorded for New Zealand and Australian pilots. Enhanced tracer effects are in place for all guns, bomber gunners now engage out to 650 meters, and enhanced smoke and shockwave effects are in place for most weapons. All smoke effects are improved and last longer. Fire effects are also improved, particularly for burning aircraft and flaming tanks. Shell impact effects are improved. Effectiveness of AAA is reduced so that players flying at 150m won't be dodging flak. A new default pilot set is available to give the player improved vision, health and g-force tolerance as he or she enters the campaign. Even a new pilot is offered, including new rank insignia on his uniform. New help files have been designed to give access to improved aircraft briefing information while flying missions. Optional weapon file installations have been designed to improve player survival and performance, and the new aircraft even show in the interface. New Sounds & Effects New damage models are available for all aircraft, and new flight models are available for the Spitfire Vb, IXc, and IXe, the P47D, the P51D, the P38J, the Tempest Mk V, the B25-H and the B26-C. Damage resolution is improved for all aircraft. New scenery has been added in the form of new trees and buildings. Improved resolution enhances these objects, and the scenery sheets have been reset to improve the use of scenery while reducing flicker. Extensive documentation includes detailed information on the Spitfire Vb, the P47D Thunderbolt, the P51D Mustang and the deHavilland Mosquito. PDF documents include a detailed history of the Normandy Invasion, a ground attack briefing, and a tutorial on configuring CFS 3 for best performance. Release Date: May 2004 More information can be found at: http://www.gmxmedia.net/dday In-game Movie footage can be found at: http://www.gmxmedia.net/dday/downloads/ About GMX Media GMX Media is on track to become one of the world's leading publishers and distributors of video games for all consoles (Microsoft®, Nintendo®, Sega® and Sony®), personal computers (PCs), and Macintosh hardware, as well as all available interactive platforms. Headquartered in the UK with operations or partners in every major territory in the world. 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