Blade of Destiny Online SEA Open Beta Dated and Client

Stylish fantasy action
BAG Entertainment and GameEyez have announced that the open beta test for the SEA (South-East Asia) version of Blade of Destiny Online will begin on September 5th, 2011. Blade of Destiny Online (B.O.D. Online) is a fantasy MMORPG loosely based on the war between the Yin and the Zhou dynasty in Ancient China. Although the land is known as Tokyo, all other aspects of the game are based on Chinese history. Aside from the usual quests and missions that a player can do in the game, B.O.D. Online has a war system that activates periodically where anyone can join in the battle to protect their dynasty. In related news, GameEyez also announced that Carian, a browser game from Korea, will enter open beta on September 8, 2011 (press 'read more' for details).