Multiplayer Demo: Soldner Secret Wars Fixed Version

Jowood have released the new multiplayer Beta Demo for Soldner: Secret Wars. The new demo offers two maps, three game modes and a variety of equipment. Gamer's Hell Local Downloads:
  • Soldner: Secret Wars - Multiplayer Beta (FIXED) (213 mb)
  • Soldner: Secret Wars Demo FAQ * Will Söldner have 1st person or 3rd person view/perspective? You'll be able to toggle between them both using the 'C' key. You can also configure your character to respawn in 1st or 3rd person by toggling that feature on or off on the Video tab in the Options menu. * What multiplayer modes will Söldner support in the Demo? The demo will support the following 3 modes: o Conquest - A variation of 'Capture the Flag' the goal is to capture all the bases of the opposite team. Once the bases' flag is captured, it changes color (as the soldier stays near the flag for a short time). Points are deducted from the team with the least amount of bases/flags. Once the team loses all its bases or the timer reaches zero, the game is over. o Team Deathmatch - One of the simplest of MP games; teams fight against each other, and hits are counted for each team. o Hostage Rescue - One team holds NPC hostages while the other team tries to rescue them and escort them to a target area. If either team eliminates a hostage, they receive a 'penalty.' The final version of Soldner will support eight MP modes: Capture The Flag, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Bomb Run, Hostage Rescue,Extraction, and Capture the Vehicle. Using Soldner's CMM (customizable multiplayer modes) feature, new and different styles of MP gameplay will become available. * How many players can compete in the multiplayer mode? On the current servers, there will be 2 maps available, 'Cold Winter' and 'Riverside,' both of which support 32 players. maps will be available that will support up to 32 players. The dedicated server which will ship with the release version of the game will support up to 32 players via LAN or internet. Post-launch plans include supporting 64 player maps and up to 128 players on Linux-based servers. * Which weapons will we be able to use in the demo? o 3 pistols o 17 different types of rifles (machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launcher, etc) o All the grenades (colored smoke, frag, stun) o 4 rocket launchers * Will we be able to use all the vehicles in the beta? Absolutely. Riverside supports helicopters; 8 of them will be playable, and Cold Winter will have the same helicopters, plus 2 VTOL jets. * What about joystick support for the helicopters/planes ? Our system is based on direct input of DirectX 8.1 which can be mapped to any device supporting it. So yes, you can remap the keyboard/mouse controls to joysticks. * Will the vehicles have Hit Point based or a realistic damage system? As of now the vehicles have 'Hit Point' based damage system. But this system takes angle of attack into account, so that attacks from rear cause more damage than from the front or side. * Will there be different stances? Yes, you can stand, crouch, and lay prone. All these different stances will affect the player's weapon aim and stamina recovery. Cycling through with the 'X' key will take you through crouching and going prone. Holding the CTRL key with the directional keys allows you to stay in a crouch and move. To stand, hit the SPACE key once to go from prone to crouch, and again from crouch to stand. * When I play, why can't I see the names of the enemies on screen? The Conquest mode of Soldner is designed to encourage people to work as a team. You have to find your enemies, and they have to find you. Since your goal is controlling bases and not racking up kills, it's to your benefit that you can't be easily identified by your enemy. Using the AGS (Advanced Gesture System and having some team members perform certain roles will help identify where the enemy is (spreading out on foot to recon an area, or using a helicopter for air support, for example). Furthermore, stealth is a definite element of Soldner. The last thing you want is to have your screen name be seen by a sniper when you're sneaking up on them with a knife. * Can a Server Admin force first or third person view in multiplayer mode ? Yes. The server admin can adjust the view/perspective. Furthermore, you can assign that individually by configuring spawn in first person view on the video tab in the Options menu. * How/Where do I get my equipment in the game? You start with basic equipment (knife, pistol) and have to buy other equipment on your base. The money you can spend is from your personal account or team account. If you use the team account the team's commander must approve the purchase. You earn money by working for the mission goal (capturing and controlling a base) or fulfilling duties (kills). A smarter move is to equip your character before you jump into the game. When you reach the loadout screen for selecting your team, click on 'Equip' in the interface. That takes you to a series of tabs that allow you to purchase Pistols, Rifles, Grenades, Launchers and Equipment. Doing this before you go into battle will save you a ton of grief. Most of the servers will be set with enough initial cash where you can get items from all of these sections; the matches will almost always include a 'mysterious benefactor' that will automatically drop cash into your account so you can get that tank or that jump jet you've been itching for. Equipment sheds in-game will be clearly marked with the kind of armament available; here's a hint: when looking for air vehicles, the shed?s usually nearest a large open area on the base. * Can you swim in water? Yes, but not indefinitely. You can also dive into the water by pressing the jump key (SPACE Bar) when you're near the water. * Can you jump? Yes. The final version should have several jumps in the game like long jumps, jumps over fences, climbs over high fences, jumps through windows etc. * When Para dropping is there a certain height requirement and a danger to it? Yes, you need a specific height, otherwise your speed will be too high when hitting the ground and you take damage or die. * Is it possible to bail out of land vehicles or planes? Yes. * Will players get fatigued so we can cut down on run and gun? You get fatigued by running. However your maximum fatigue is your current hit points, so there is a relationship already. In other words a healthy guy can run twice as long as a 50% damage guy. * Will it be possible to steal enemy vehicles if they are sitting there with nobody in them? Yes. However there are limits. An abandoned vehicle is locked for several seconds by the user. If he doesn't return the vehicle turns neutral for everyone to use. This enables players to temporarily leave their vehicles without someone stealing it. * Will there be an option of having other people ride shotgun while you drive a vehicle? Most vehicles have more than one "seat" and can take with them drivers, gunners, soldiers, whatever. However there is more to this: some of those seats are specific to functions, so you can ride a jeep while your teammate mans the machinegun on the rear. Same with tanks: one driver, one gunner, one machine gunner. Or simply a truck with driver and shotgun passenger plus passenger in the rear. * Will the crosshair be static in the center of the screen like battlefield 1942 or will it move around as you look like in Operation Flashpoint? The crosshair is static in the center of the screen. We found that having a moving crosshair can be very confusing at times. * Will parachutes be an assigned piece of equipment or will you always have one (like in BF 1942)? And will entering a vehicle be a scripted action (GTA 3/VC) or not (BF)? Entering a vehicle is instantaneous, no animation like in GTA3. We did it this way because we felt that the delay could get you killed easily and would frustrate the player. Parachutes are given to you automatically if you start with the flying unit in question, i.e. are a passenger. People flying or riding a flying unit in any other ways do not have a parachute. * Can you bail out of planes? If your parachute is shot will it rip apart? When flying a plane will the player be using the 1 through 0 keys to alter the engine power or will the player be using a "press the forward key to go" BF style system? You can bail out of all planes and flying units. Simply press "E" and you exit the unit. The parachute cannot be shot or damaged and you don?t have a second parachute with you. As for flying: We do have the "press forward key" system. If enough players like the number keys we could do this easily. * How realistic is the flight model for helicopters (compared to BF1942: Desert Combat mod)? We are much easier to control, semi realistic, with auto hover. * Will you be able to handle multiple weapons? Yes you?ll have a total of 5 slots for weapons, however they can only be filled with one specific weapon type, so you won?t be able to carry multiple rocket launchers, rifles, etc.