Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures in Stores

Go wild with Mama, Papa and their two children
Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures, is now available for the suggested retail price of $29.99 at retailers, Majesco Entertainment announced. Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures is a Nintendo DS game where you will join Mama and her family as they explore Adventure Island through hundreds of outdoor mini-games, 38 stages and untold treasure and secrets to uncover. Five areas on the island contain a variety of challenges including; Cooking - cutting and peeling fruit, grilling fish and clams on the barbeque, Making - create a spider catcher, craft a net or build a bonfire, Action - catch fish, cut down trees and pick flowers, Answer - identify jungle objects and creatures. Players will be able to decorate their base camp with treasure they uncover on the island and create their own camping picture book to document their discoveries.