Out of Hell 14 September 2011

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Lionsgate and Social Game Universe have released the first-ever Facebook game based on the iconic movie, Dirty Dancing. Players can visit this page to relive those magical times in the Catskills as caretakers and managers of Kellerman's Resort.

2. This holiday season, through an exclusive deal with Microsoft Stores, KontrolFreek will distribute their products in-store. Available from September 20 in tandem with the launch of the KontrolFreek FPS Freek EPIC product, a specially-designed accessory to accompany the Gears of War 3 release, three other FPS Freek classics: LEGENDARY, PRESTIGE and VIPR can also be bought standalone or as a bundle. Microsoft Stores have 13 locations across the US including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Illinois, San Diego and Houston.

3. Machinima has a new show, Poison Mushroom - Episode 1: Family Fued and Episode 2: Hell's Kitchen.

4. nonSoft has announced the availability of Arcade Game Pack, a collection of seven new retro games: Tribongo, Hex Break 360p/720p, Drag Rally, Null Vektor, Captain Polygon Vs. The Bubbleoids, Monocade and Alien Invasion 4800. Click here for details.

5. KIXEYE has announced the launch of the public beta for War Commander, a strategy game featuring over 27 fully customizable units, persistent territorial combat, and real-time unit control - visit this page for more info.

6. An expansion for Diablo V (!) is now available in China - proof here.

7. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory is scheduled for worldwide launch next Thursday, September 22, NAMCO BANDAI Games announced. This World War I aerial combat simulator provides real-time 8 player multiplayer including both individual and team-based matches. 12 single-player campaign missions, 100 Dogfight missions and a Custom Game feature are also included.The premium version will be priced at $4.99 with a free LITE version also launching the same day.