SUAVE v1.2 Demo

Blinkenlichten Productions has released an updated shareware version/demo of S.U.A.V.E.: Sport-Utility Assault Vehicle Extreme, allowing you to try out this fast-paced arcade tank shooter. This demo offers one extensive map to explore. Thanks: 3dgamers. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • S.U.A.V.E. v1.2 Demo (4.4 MB)
  • S.U.A.V.E.: Sport-Utility Assault Vehicle Extreme! SUAVE is a fast-paced tank game featuring a modular weapons system and limited player control over the flow of time. The free Shareware version comes with an extensive map to explore. The full version includes many more maps, an Endurance mode that generates progressively difficult rooms, and an editor that lets you make your own maps. Version 1.2, released April 2004, makes some massive improvements to the game engine which allows the game to run smoother and more accurately. The demo map has been improved, taking advantage of the new "Obsidian" room style. All known bugs have been corrected. Registered owners of previous versions can get upgraded for free by creating an account on the Forums and linking it with the email address they used to buy the game. In the new full version, the Editor has been improved with extended room randomization and playtesting options. System Requirements Make sure your computer fits these specifications before purchasing. If you're not sure if your system meets these specifications, try downloading and running the Shareware version. Operating System: Any 32-bit Windows OS (95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, etc) with DirectX 7 or higher. Processor: 500Mhz or faster processor recommended. Graphics card: Requires a 3D accelerated, DirectX compatible video card. Any card comparable to an nVidia GeForce 256 or faster should do nicely.
    SUAVE v1.2 (4.5MB)