Screens #4: Dragon Empires

Codemasters have set up a new website for their upcoming MMORPG Dragon Empires. They've also released some new screenshots for the game, these are available in our gallery. You can also sign up for the beta at the aforementioned website. Click 'Read More' for the press release.
Get a comprehensive, in-depth look at the incredibly immersive world of Fortitude with the new Dragon Empires website, now live at Everything on the site, including videos, screenshots, early artwork and the great new interactive sections bring you closer than ever before to entering this extraordinary online world. In Codemasters' most comprehensive website yet, gamers can learn all about the world they'll be playing in, the people and monsters that inhabit it and the equipment they'll use to achieve their goals. If you're new to the Dragon Empires universe, you can read all about the individual elements that are set to make the game a massive hit in the MMORPG world – the different Empires and races, the unique combat options, the background story or 'lore' and – of course – the dragons! For those gamers already conversant with Dragon Empires, delve deeper into the game, with detailed information on game play, the areas of influence enjoyed by each of the Empires – illustrated on the site by way of a cool interactive map – and get a good look at the Dragons that reign over them. The site also features all-new screenshots and artwork, illustrating just how rich and detailed this persistent, online world really is. Regularly updated, with news, screens and other info ramping up towards Dragon Empires' winter launch, the game's new website shows both experienced and novice gamers how to forge an exciting new virtual existence for themselves in this beautiful, and challenging, online world. Be all you can be! Live testing for Dragon Empires is now in its second phase, with the full Beta Test programme commencing shortly. To sign up for the Beta Test and see more of this brave new world, go to: