Battle Mages v1.1.2 Demo

Buka has released an updated playable demo for Battle Mages (Thanks 3dgamers), allowing you to try out this 3D fantasy RTS/RPG developed by Targem. The demo offers a tutorial, one single-player mission and one multiplayer level. Read our preview to gather more details about this title. New demo version should fix a startup menu bug, improve stability, remove memory leaks and more. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Battle Mages v1.1.2 Demo (197 MB)
  • DEMO VERSION v1.1.2 This update should fix a startup menu bug, improve stability, close memory leaks, and increase loading speeds. _________________________________________________________________ Contents _________________________________________________________________ 1. About the game 2. System requirements 3. Installation/Uninstallation 4. Game setup 5. Game controls 6. Credits 7. Links (c) Buka Entertainment, 2003. (c) Targem Games, 2003. _________________________________________________________________ 1. About the game _________________________________________________________________ "Battle Mages" - is a high-scale modern game that combines tactical strategy, quality role-playing system and original adventure elements. The game takes place in a classic fantasy world, where different races and nations live side by side. Each of them has its own culture and traditions, which are carefully guarded from external interference. But none of them realizes that soon it will cease to matter. All the old conflicts will seem insignificant in the face of new global threat that will turn the world upside down. So put on the mages cloak and learn how it feels to be an ordinary wizard. You will have to find the strength to right the wrong, to unite various races against common enemy. Dive into the wonderful world, spoiled by insidious traitors and avid ideas. Remember, you and your character are not the centre of the universe, the world doesnt go around you. No. The world lives by its own laws, with its own cares and problems, and you are just an ordinary wizard, no different from anyone else. But you have a chance to change everything and you have to go for it. _________________________________________________________________ 2. System requirements _________________________________________________________________ Minimal system requirements - PentiumIII 733 MHz - 128 Mb RAM - nVidia GeForce 2 / ATI Radeon 7500 class video card with 32 Mb RAM - 900 Mb of hard disk space - Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP - DirectX 9 Recommended system requirements - PentiumIV 1800 MHz - 512 Mb RAM - nVidia GeForce 4 of higher - 900 Mb of hard disk space - Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP - DirectX 9 _________________________________________________________________ 3. Installation/Uninstallation _________________________________________________________________ To install the game insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive and run bm-setup.exe from its core directory (if the autorun doesn't work). If you need to UNINSTALL Battle Mages, click on Uninstall Battle Mages from the "Buka/Battle Mages" pop-up screen in your program menu. _________________________________________________________________ 4. Game setup _________________________________________________________________ After launching the game, pick Options from the Main menu, then select: - Game setup to change specific game settings - Video setup to change screen resolution - Details to turn on/off additional effects - Screen setup to adjust brightness, gamma and contrast - Audio setup to adjust sound and music volume - Network setup to tune up multiplayer options _________________________________________________________________ 5. Game controls _________________________________________________________________ Game camera may operate in two modes: 1. Attached to the troop 2. Free flight Controls vary in these modes. To switch to free ride mode press one of the following buttons: W,A,S,D. _________________________________________________________________ When attached to the troop: _________________________________________________________________ LEFT/RIGHT - rotate camera around the troop. UP/DOWN - change the camera angle. The camera will always look to where the rtoop is. _________________________________________________________________ When in a free flight: _________________________________________________________________ LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN - move camera over the land. _________________________________________________________________ In both modes: _________________________________________________________________ MOUSE1 - Select troop. Target magic. MOUSE2 - On land: walk On enemy: attack On your troop: attach camera to the troop MOUSE3 or CTRL - Hold it down and move mouse to rotate camera MOUSE WHEEL UP/DOWN - Zoom camera in/out Double left-click on spell icon to cast the spell. For the spell to work, select target by left-clickilng on land, enemy troop or your own troop (or its icon). Left-click on the troop icon to select it. Left-click on the troop icon while holding down CTRL to select several troops. Right-click on the troop icon to attach camera to it. Ctrl + [number] - Memorize selected group [number] - Select memorized group Ctrl + A - Select all troops [number][number] - Go to the selected group Alt - View information on the object that the cursor is pointed at. _________________________________________________________________ HOT KEYS: _________________________________________________________________ 'C' - Character screen 'B' - Player spellbook 'I' - Troop inventory (switch between units by pressing TAB) 'J' - Merge troops (only works if two similar troops are selected) 'M' - Map 'L' - Log 'P' - Switch between first/third person view 'Q' - Quests log (click on quest name to see its description) 'T' - Initiate dialog with a town (when near one) F5-F9 - Cast quick spells F10 - Cast Magic Spirit spell _________________________________________________________________ INTERFACE COMMANDS: _________________________________________________________________ Attack Stop Walk While holding down SHIFT - Walk and attack - Hold position After selecting a command, give order with the left mouse button. _________________________________________________________________ 6. Credits _________________________________________________________________ Targem Games Ilya Molochnikov Stanislav scorp Scorb Alexey "plus" Scryabin Ivan "morgoth" Nevraev Konstantin "s-hunter" Sokharev Elena Evdokimova Vadim "godzilla" Groznov Nikolay Seleznev Andrey "nukem" Katorgin Alexander Margushin Eugene Tokarev Ivan Snigirev Eugene "dzhin" Goltsov Stanislav "staz" Cherva Vova "price" Seleznev Alexey "hal" Lobanov Andrey "eagle" Orlov Denis "mif2000" Galanin Alex Tchestnikh Tatyana Reshetnikova Anton Popov Director Project Lead Lead Programmer Core Engine Programmer Programmer Programmer Programmer Game Designer, Level Designer Game Designer, Level Designer Lead Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Artist Special Effect Programmer Composer and Sound Producer Game Designers Assistant Proofreader Accountant Campaign Music Creator Thanks to the actors of Nizhni Tagil dramatic theatre: Sergey Zyryanov Leonid Sharopin Thanks to Antitank Company and personally to Marat Gilyazetdinov for providing AgSS. Also worked on the project: Timofey Gorlov Aleksey Korneev Nikolay Vorobyev Michael Volkanin additional art additional art additional art web site Special thanks to Techno-group Ltd Buka Entertainment Producer Ivan InfiDel Bunakov Executive producer Ivan Black Warrior Moroz Product manager Alexey "Mycop" Pisklukov Technical Adviser Roman Potapych Potapkin Sound Adviser Ruslan Dmitriev Artists Elena Sedova Sanan Oushanov PR & Marketing Manager Alexey Pastushenko Producer Assistant Teodor Voron Prodan Localization Manager Alla Kolobekova Testing coordinator Alexander Pak Test leader Nickolay Safronov Software developer engineer in test Nickolay Safronov Testers Katherine "Raduga" Myshenko Alexey "Stallker" Peshekhonov Ivan "Qa" Rainov Denis "Tatsu" Epifanov Kirill Bestemyanov Vladimir "Gargaran" Shishkov Dmitry "Solowey" Anufriev Alexander "Archmage" Gorban Georgiy "Kolich" Kolichenko Localization Assistant Ilia Chentsov International sales Managers Inna Bukatina Oksana Kravchuk Expert Council Ivan Black Warrior Moroz Maxim N. Shivah Mikhalev Tatyana Ustinova Maxim S. Mikhalev Vitaliy Kharitonenko Legal adviser George Vitaliev Director Igor Ustinov VP Financial Marina Ravun VP International Maxim S. Mikhalev VP Development Alexander Mikhailov Special Thanks to Ruslan Cyberman Shelekhov Yaroslav Astakhov _________________________________________________________________ 7. Links _________________________________________________________________ - Buka Entertainment web site - Targem Games web site - Battle Mages web site (c) Buka Entertainment, 2003. (c) Targem Games, 2003. _________________________________________________________________ The product is designed under Windows Media Format Components Distribution License from Microsoft Licensing. This product includes technology owned by Microsoft Corporation and cannot be used or distributed without a license from Microsoft Licensing, GP. _________________________________________________________________ This product contains software technology licensed from GameSpy Industries, Inc. (c) 1999-2003 GameSpy Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. _________________________________________________________________ This product uses Ogg Vorbis Copyright (c) 2002, Foundation Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: - Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. - Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. - Neither the name of the Foundation nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. 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