Luvinia Online v1010013b Client

The path now opens wide, take your steps into the light
Outspark has released an updated game client for Luvinia Online, a fantasy MMO now available for PC. Early in the game players can choose from the 3 base archetypes of magician, warrior, and rogue; however, things get even more enticing at level 40 where players can pick from six subclasses (two for each archetype) and then at level 80 the final 12 subclass become unlocked. This gives players a wide variety of classes to play from a cunning Watchman, to a divine Paladin, all the way to a treacherous Necromancer. Along with the specialized skills of each subclass, players always retain the base skills of the parent archetype class, allowing for support classes to still solo with the best of them and for DPS classes to retain a variety of combat styles and techniques.