The Cursed Crusade Story Trailer and New Release Date/Demo Announced

A tale of retribution and survival (1;44)
dtp entertainment has released a new video for The Cursed Crusade, an action-adventure game developed by Kylotonn Entertainment. In related news, the game would be available on on October 25, two weeks later than originally planned. Also, a demo is slated to arrive a couple weeks prior to launch and will take players through the "Assault on Castle Biron" mission, a fortress siege set on a fiery summer's eve. Under a barrage of flaming arrows and faced with a full armament of defending soldiers, the player, as Templar Denz de Bayle, must fight alongside partner Esteban Noviembre to break through the castle defenses, defeat the enemy forces, and ultimately confront a de Bayle family friend, Martin d'Algais.