Awesomenauts Clunk Trailers

The fourth playable character for Awesomenauts revealed
dtp entertainment and Ronimo Games have released a pair of new Awesomenauts videos, this time presenting Clunk, the rocket-launching robot. Originally created as part of a robot army destined to combat an immensenly powerful super villain, Clunk was always meant to unleash his full rage in the line of duty. Unfortunately, when the super villain suddenly died of a bacterial infection, Clunk found himself without a job. Trying to make a living in a harsh economy, Clunk was refitted to do standard house-keeping work. Finding himself at odds between his true identity as a robotic killing machine and his new line of work, Clunk repeatedly blew his aggression inhibitors while doing the dishes, or cleaning bathrooms. Awesomenauts will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360.