Battlefield 1918 v1.15

The second release of Battlefield 1918, a modification for Battlefield 1942, has been officially released to the public. An incremental patch for previous version (story) is also available. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • BattleField 1918 v1.15 (322 MB)
  • BattleField 1918 v1.15 Patch (34 MB)
  • V1.15 CHANGE log Caudron bomber improves Toska Airbattle map fixed and balanced German zeppelin Coli model fixed & lagging problems fixed pistols on both sides easily weakened tank FT 17 added (at present only on Kursk) new map Nuit de Orage (night map of Daywalker) added new sounds for some vehicles and weapons new ladder version (for the trenches) Caudron flight physics improves zeppelin HPs again new Charron texture Chauchat changed PomPom against tanks change pistols firing frequency fixed new Chamond sound new explosion ani for 150/155er RSC1917 new balanced sound Lebel changed Ehrhardt/Charron: 15% more speed A7V/Chamond: 10% more speed of 155/150 increases taxi/simplex: 15% lower speed new sound for the simplex new Explosionsskin (only darker) sound changed M98 zeppelin Coli optimize 3534 Polys - 729 Polys sound Lebel changed hangar networkable information fixed