Serf Wars Launches on Facebook

Turn your uncle's rotten borough into a prosperous kingdom and defend it from dastardly enemy attacks
Meteor Games has announced that their multiplayer, medieval virtual quest, Serf Wars, is now available via Facebook, offering over 41 battleground environments and 45 story-driven combat missions (with 40-50 more on the way) for users to explore. You will play a range of arcade-style minigames to earn gold and valuable items that will help you train an army. As you progress in the game, you'll unlock additional minigames and combat locations that will help you create an unbeatable battalion of elves, dwarves, soldiers, skeletons, and more. Not only will you be able to defend your kingdom, you'll also be able to wage war on your neighbors - or ally with them if you're feeling generous. You can build houses and farms to increase your population and levy taxes, but be careful to keep your people satisfied with enough food and well-placed decorations to keep them content. If happiness levels decline again, you could have a riot on your hands.