Dungeon Defenders Now Available and Launch Trailer

Join forces with up to three friends local or online to strategically block the invading waves of ogres, goblins and orcs
Trendy Entertainment, D3Publisher and Reverb Publishing have announced that Dungeon Defenders is now available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. This commercial edition of Dungeon Defense, a freeware UDK game released earlier this year, puts action-RPG and tower defense gameplay into a seamless mix of leveling, looting and high-action territorial combat for casual and core players alike. Dungeon Defenders features a lovingly-rendered watercolor art style and allows up to 4 players, online or locally, to take one of four distinct classes into fierce battle against ever-increasing waves of baddies and bosses across 15 arenas and multiple modes. A new trailer is now locally mirrored.