Catapult for Hire Gameplay Trailer

Additional gameplay footage from Catapult for Hire (1:01)
Developed by pixelMEGA, Catapult for Hire is a story-driven 3D artillery game - think of it like an RPG without all the running around, and with catapults. Catapult for Hire takes place in a collapsed medieval economy. The Kings of the land got rich and suddenly disappeared with all the gold. Though being a knight is not as lucrative as it once was, people are always in need of a good siege engine. Sir Knottingsforth has decided to break out his rusty old catapult and do freelance catapultry for the various local residents to make a living. As Sir Knottingsforth proceeds to do many and great exploits he finds that that the Kings' misdeeds have caused much more harm than widespread bankruptcy. Earn gold to upgrade your castle and buy new catapults and payloads. Launch a wide variety of payloads like Bunnies and Torpedoes and attach modifications like Parachutes and Gliders to solve puzzles and explore the world. Catapult for Hire will be available for PC (Windows) and Mac - a new gameplay movie is now locally mirrored.