Flight of the Amazon Queen Freeware

Eight months after the release of freeware version of Beneath a Steel Sky (story), Flight of the Amazon Queen, a great adventure game developed by Interactive Binary Illusions in 1995 is now available as freeware. Both the CD version and the floppy version are available for download, and both requires the latest version of ScummVM (v0.6). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Flight of the Amazon Queen Full-CD Version (34.8 MB)
  • Flight of the Amazon Queen Full-Floppy Version (6.8 MB)
  • SCUMM Virtual Machine v0.6.0 (win32) (1.3 MB)
  • Flight of the Amazon Queen (C) 1995- John Passfield & Steve Stamatiadis March 15 2004 (Licence and legal stuff at the end of this file. Please read them.) Once again, we here at ScummVM have the pleasure of bringing you yet another classic adventure game, thanks to John Passfield and Steve Stamatiadis over at Krome Studios in Australia. This game requires at least ScummVM 0.6.0 to play. Flight of the Amazon Queen is a 2D point-and-click adventure game set in the 1940s, originally published for DOS and the Amiga. You assume the role of Joe King, a pilot for hire who is given the job of flying Faye Russell (a famous movie star) into the Amazon jungle for a photo shoot. Of course, things never go according to plans. After an unfortunate turn of events they find themselves stranded in the heart of the Amazon jungle, where Joe will embark on a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess and in the process, discover the true sinister intentions of a suspiciously located Lederhosen company. In a rich 2D environment, Joe will cross paths with a variety of unlikely jungle inhabitants including, but not limited to, a tribe of Amazon women and 6-foot- tall pygmies. Game Quickstart You need ScummVM version 0.6.0 or newer to play this game, which can be downloaded at http://www.scummvm.org/. ScummVM runs on many platforms, including many Unices and BSDs, Windows, Mac OS X, Windows CE and others. However note that some platforms may not (yet) be capable of playing all games. Please see the ScummVM Compatibility List for information on newer versions. You should always read the instructions included with the latest version of ScummVM, but for here is a quick three-step guide for the impatient: 1) Unzip the game to a directory and install ScummVM 2) After running ScummVM, click the 'Add Game' button and browse to the directory you just created. 3) After adding the game to the list, on future plays simply select it from the 'Game List' and click 'Start'! You can access the in-game save/load and options menu by using the 'Journal' inventory item. Enjoy!, James 'Ender' Brown, Project Co-Leader, ScummVM (http://www.scummvm.org/) Neither of the game authors, nor ScummVM provide support for this game. Walkthroughs and hints can easily be found online, but the in case of technical problems, feel free to ask for help on the ScummVM forums. Special Thanks: A full list of credits for ScummVM can be found in its README file, however the following people deserve special credit... and as usual, the first thanks should go to the creators of this game! Steve Stamatiadis (www.spacecaptainsteve.com) John Passfield (www.passfieldgames.com) Thanks for, obviously, making a great game and giving us the honour of rewriting the engine and releasing it as freeware. Traditionally the next set of credits go to those who dug through the original PC-release C source (which was a rather interesting port of the original Amiga AMOS version itself!) and re-engineered a new engine: David Eriksson, Gregory Montoir and Joost Peters. Final credit goes to everybody else on the ScummVM team and my co-lead developer Max Horn, who has kept everything running whilst I've been on a heat-induced vacation thanks to a boiling summer here in Western Australia. The Legal Stuff: Preamble: Basically, give this game away, share it with your friends. Don't remove this Readme, or pretend that you wrote it. You can include it in a software collection, like a Linux distribution or coverdisk (which may be sold), but using it in things like commercial adventure game collections without asking is just playing dirty. You can modify the gamedata for such purposes as compressing audio. This preamble is not legally binding, but is to clarify the intent of the following licence. Licence: 1) You may distribute this game for free on any medium, provided this Readme and all associated copyright notices and disclaimers are left intact. 2) You may charge a reasonable copying fee for this archive, and may distribute it in aggregate as part of a larger and possibly commercial software distribution (such as a Linux distribution or magazine coverdisk). You must provide proper attribution and ensure that this Readme and all associated copyright notices and disclaimers are left intact. 3) You may not charge a fee for the game itself. This includes reselling the game as an individual item. 4) You may modify the game as you wish. You may also distribute modified versions under the terms set forth in this licence, but with the additional requirement that the work is marked with a prominent notice which states that it is a modified version. 5) All game content is (C) John Passfield and Steven Stamatiadis. The ScummVM engine is (C) The ScummVM Team (www.scummvm.org). 6) THE GAME DATA IN THIS ARCHIVE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING AND NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.