E3 2004 Lineup: Russobit-M

After Cenega Publishing (story), Ubi Soft (story), DreamCatcher Games (story), Sammy Studios (story), 1C Company (story), Monte Cristo Games (story), NCsoft (story) and Game Factory Interactive (story), it is time for Russobit-M to announce their E3 2004 Line-Up: Kreed, Kreed: Battle for Savitar, Firestarter, Golden Land, Golden Land: Cold Heaven, Phase: Exodus, Homeplanet: Playing with Fire, and Neuro. Press 'read more' for details about these games.
Kreed The futuristic world of Kreed is an alternative scenario for the human race's future in the coming 30th century. By that time, human civilization is waging a war against one of the most powerful nations known in Galaxy - Tiglaary. A spaceship 'Aspero', pretending to be a supply ship for the Allied patrolling forces, should get into the 'Red sector' near the anomaly and then infiltrate the barrier. There will be no way back. Kreed: Battle for Savitar Battle for Savitar is an add-on for Kreed. In this game, you are a lieutenant of federal army, blocked in a still resisting garrison of Pluto colony. Cut off from any supplies, you are not likely to survive the next month. New monsters, new levels, weapons, advanced AI and physics can be found in the add-on. Firestarter Year 2010 A.D. FIRESTARTER is a state-of-the-art virtual reality machine. The machine gets infected with a computer virus, and, as a result of this malfunction the rules of the game get immediately altered. You are the player. Your mind is locked inside virtual reality. The life support system can keep you alive for no more than 48 hours. Can you get out this mad machine? While you are busy with your primary mission of surviving through this time clamped virtual nightmare, you can still enjoy the spectacular environment of the fighting premises. The whole world of Firestarter consists of 4 episodes, which represent four independent architectural styles. Industrial, Imperial, Space, and Ancient are those key episodes that encompass 4 levels each. What sets FireStarter apart is its mind-blowing ultra dynamic gameplay. No keys to locate and doors to unlock, no riddles to solve, no time to stand still, no bullets to spare shape the "yes" of the arcade action-packed gameplay in the best traditions of run-and-shoot style. Golden Land GoldenLand is a role-play game with vast world, advanced role system, nonlinear plotline and turn-based combat. Multiplayer mode lets players cooperate against enemies, establish economical relations and fight with each other. Evaluative gameplay time is 100-120 hours. Golden Land: Cold Heaven Goldenland: Cold Heaven is the add-on to the role-play game Goldenland. Cold Heaven combines all features of the original game (vast world, advanced role system, nonlinear plotline and turn-based combat) and considerable amount of innovations in gameplay. Phase: Exodus Phase: Exodus is 3D RPG Adventure which takes the player to the possible future of the Earth, to the world which went through the catastrophe of the global scale. The action takes place in Western Siberia, after the apocalypse when the earth crust has moved and this caused numerous hurricanes, floods, etc. A lot of chemicals and radioactive elements went to the atmosphere; and not so many people had survived. Homeplanet: Playing with Fire Homeplanet is a space combat simulator which takes place in the Neuro universe. Clan Troiden has been exiled from its home world of Clouto and now must find a new home, pursued by many enemies. The player is a rookie Troiden pilot who finds himself in the midst of the conflict, not yet knowing what adventures and calamities lay ahead. Homeplanet is a classic space combat simulator based on a real Newtonian physics model. Similar games include: X-Wing series, Wing Commander, Descent: Free space, Independence War. Playing With Fire is the official add-on for Homeplanet. It features an all-new single-player campaign and several multiplayer modes, including the cooperative play. Playing with Fire picks up 18 months later after the finale of the original game and continues the story of the exiled Clan Troiden. Neuro Neuro is a story-driven sci-fi first-person shooter. It takes place in the fourth century of the Space Era, which will begin when humanity discovers hyper drive engines. The main character is a psi-soldier working for a powerful corporation which controls all research carried out by all Terran colonies. He has a unique ability to occupy minds of people who are in his direct line of sight. This is called psi-control - the super weapon of the future, accidentally discovered during joint top-secret experiments of the Terran Confederacy and Clan Troiden (the name is familiar to all who played Homeplanet). Using psi-control, players will be able to jump from one mind to another and use bodies of their enemies at their discretion. In addition to psi-control, the main character has other psi-related abilities - mental shock, extrasensory vision, psychometry and more.