Motionsports Adrenaline Released and Launch Trailer

Make a name for yourself in the world of extreme sports
Ubisoft has announced that availability of Motionsports Adrenaline, a video game that will allow you, your friends and family to take part in extreme activities you would never dream of attempting in real life. You can gain fame and notoriety by mastering 8 extreme and dangerous sports (wingsuit, mountainbike, rock climbing, kayak, kitesurf, parkour, extreme ski and extreme trampoline). The Party Mode keeps up to 4 players involved by delivering a wealth of challenges, like races, relays and trick trails, and you can use collectable items to affect your opponents, for example use water bombs to slow and disorient them. Motionsports Adrenaline was developed by Ubisoft Vancouver for PS3 and Xbox 360 - a new trailer is now locally mirrored.