Rumble Trucks Coming Tomorrow on PlayStation Plus and Trailer

Ready, steady, rumble
Rumble Trucks, a side-scrolling stunt-racing game developed for PS3 and PSP, will be available tomorrow for all PlayStation Plus US subscribers while European subscribers will get a chance to download the game a day later, Playerthree announced. In Rumble Trucks, you can choose from a range of un-lockable vehicles and race through crazy tracks on different terrains, perform tricks to gain extra boosts and dash to the finish fast enough to unlock the next stage. The player can collect stars and pick-ups through each level to go for bigger bonuses. Rumble Trucks will be available to non-PlayStation Plus subscribers from the 16th of November and will be priced at 2.39, 2.99 and $3.99 according to region. A trailer is now locally mirrored.