Magicka, Hearts of Iron III & Cities in Motion Collections Announced and Trailer

Magicka Collection has a recommended retail price of $19.99/19.99, Hearts of Iron III Collection $29.99/29.99 and Cities in Motion Collection $39.99/39.99
Paradox Interactive sent over a press release announcing compilation collections for three of their most popular franchises, all set to release on PC on November 22nd. Magicka Collection offers Magicka, Magicka: Vietnam, and Magicka DLCs including; Survival Kit, Caverns and Marshlands, Nippon, Final Frontier, Frozen Lake, Watch Tower and Robe Bundle. Hearts of Iron III Collection includes Hearts of Iron III, Hearts of Iron III Semper Fi, Hearts of Iron III For The Motherland, plus the complete Hearts of Iron III Spritepacks comprising of German, US, Soviet, German Infantry, Japanese Infantry, Soviet Infantry, Soviet Music, German II, MegaGerman. Cities in Motion Collection offers Cities in Motion, Cities in Motion Tokyo, Cities in Motion German Cities, plus Cities in Motion DLC's including Design Classics, Design Marvels, Design Now and Metro Station. A video for Hearts of Iron III Collection is now locally mirrored.