Trail Free Full Game and Screens/Trailer

Play through a level forwards and then backwards from the point of your death
Developed by Bit By Bit Games, Trail is an experimental, minimalist platformer inspired by a child's belief about death. Trail explores the idea that you leave a trail in the world as you journey through life and when you eventually die you need to collect this trail to achieve final peace. The game has two states, a living world and a dead world. In the living world you drop memories behind you as you progress. After you are killed you enter the dead world where your goal is to reach the first memory you left in the world. In the dead world your 'health' constantly falls as you struggle to remain in this plane of existence, collecting memories as your traverse back across the level towards your ultimate goal will replenish your health. The game, some screenshots and a trailer have been inserted in our download area.

Trail on PC
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