A Valley Without Wind v0.540 Beta Demo

The creators of AI War bring you a procedurally-generated 2D side-scrolling adventure of limitless proportions
Arcen Games today released an updated playable demo for A Valley Without Wind, a procedurally-generated action-adventure game currently in beta testing. The conclusion of the beta's first phase is marked by the addition of an all new Intro Mission for the game. The goal of the mission is to give new players a linear way to get acclimated with the game before they ever encounter the world map, take on broader decisions, etc. The full version of A Valley Without Wind is available for pre-order at 50% off the launch price during early beta, with customers gaining instant access to the latest available build and all subsequent releases. In related news, AVWW has been entered into IGF 2012, along with the upcoming Indie Games Challenge.