Halo Custom Edition Released

Halo Custom Edition, a multiplayer standalone expansion for Halo: Combat Evolved, is now available for download, announced Gearbox Software. A valid Halo CD key from the retail version is required. Thanks: Blues. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Halo Custom Edition (170 MB)
  • - General Questions - When? Within the next week or two. As of this writing, sometime before May 14. Can you guys please release it now? No. Soon. Very soon. So none of these fixes will be for Halo PC? That is correct. Will the Halo community be able to host the HEK, HaloCE, and/or the dedicated server programs on our own webservers? Yes please do! Will HaloCE contain the single player maps? Unfortunately no. As many of you have speculated, the file size of the SP maps is massive. In order to make user created content possible, we had to recreate how Halo's cache file system works. Doing this requires us to remake and redistribute the map files. So officially, no SP. Have you written HaloCE from scratch or just edited Halo PC? HaloCE is based off of Halo PC 1.04. Will there be changes to the graphics in HaloCE? No changes to anything UI related except for the exclusion of the SP menu option in the main menu. Will fast shaders be in this? Yes. Will the netcode be fixed? Depends on what you consider wrong with it. There are a couple things we did that should improve client player warping and aiming for the rocket warthog. Will we be able to have longer nicknames? Not in the initial release, but that's a prime candidate for a patch. Are you going to include any easter eggs in HaloCE? No easter eggs for now... Any new GB made maps? Not in the inital release. Will there be a way to have friends? Actually there is a new feature we like to call "Show Bros". It's bound to F3 I believe, unless we remapped it. It toggles the names of all your teammates over their head. Will HaloCE be a seperate and completely self sufficient game? Do I have to have the original HaloPC installed for it to work? HaloCE is completely stand alone. You do not have to have retail HaloPC installed. However, you MUST have a retail Halo disc to install and play HaloCE. Will the dedicated servers with custom maps push out the newly made maps to the client PCs? No, we will not force download a map you do not have. The maps are to large for this feature to be possible. Especially for a 56k user. What happens if you don't have the map the server is using? Will there be an option to download? Unfortunately, no. You will get a message saying you don't have the map and will be sent back to the main menu. Our hope is that someone will create a HaloCE map repository site which can host/rate/recommend new maps. How big will HaloCE be? 170 MB for HaloCE. Will the original Halo be compatible with HaloCE? No, retail HaloPC and HaloCE are not compatible. Meaning you will not see the other's games in the game browser. Will HaloCE be able to be downloaded by the Halo PC auto-update feature, so that players that don't know about it can get the news? Unfortunately no. We hope to change the HaloPC message of the day. Other than that, we are going to rely on word of mouth. So get talking. :-) When we go through the server list in HaloCE, will it display servers running only the maps I have, or all of them? Will there be a filter option to enable this? Hmmm that's a damn good idea. We don't offer that now, but I like the idea. Will Gearbox patch Halo CE for non-editing things, like netcode, etc...? HaloCE has a built in autoupdate feature for introducing new features and fixes. How about active camo for us NVidia users? Not in the inital release. It is high on the first patch list. Will HaloCE eventualy be supported by MS, or have they given up completly and left your guys all on your lonesome? HaloCE is and will remain a Gearbox release. Will there be any more updates to HaloPC? Not likely. HaloCE will be the home for all non-critical features and fixes. Currently you need two copies of HaloPC to play 1v1 on a LAN. Will this change with HaloCE? Sorry. No. Do you plan on working with Microsoft again on any future products? Without a doubt. The amount of freedom Microsoft/Bungie have given us with this release is really unprecedented. They have been great throughout this process. So HaloCE is effectively going to be the new HaloPC... the version that has development concentrated on? This is our hope and goal. What are your predictions on how CAL might change? It is really to early to tell right now. We're just focused on getting this initial release done. Will automatic server messages be possible? Like the server rules poping up in the chat box, for example. The dedicated server will feature a message of the day, server chatting, and server logging. Now that Gearbox Software is in charge of the process will you keep shipping updates bi-weekly? Seriously doubt it will be that frequent. We don't have a specific plan for how frequently we will update. What if some features seem silly or useless to other players, and HaloCE turns into something that really is not Halo? HaloCE is still Halo. MS/Bungie haven't forgotten about us. They'll be keeping an eye on us. How will this affect Mac compatibility? We will be forwarding the changes on to Westlake. What they do with them is up to them. Can we expect half of this level of communication from Gearbox to the community? I hope we'll be able to provide some good support. It is really going to rely on how popular HaloCE becomes. Will the community be allowed to beta test, or will you be using your own testers? We haven't thougtht much about beta testing, but it makes sense that we would do public/private betas.
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