Panzer Corps Demo

Slitherine and Matrix Games release Panzer Corps demo and start heavy holiday season discount event
As promised, Matrix Games, Slitherine and The Lordz Games Studio have released a free playable demo for Panzer Corps, which includes 6 missions from the Bootcamp Campaign, plus the invasion of Poland and the first few turns of the Norway scenario. The transition between the first two scenarios of the main campaign allows you to upgrade your army between scenarios and get a feel for how units improve and gain experience as they travel from battle to battle. Also packaged with the demo is a limited version of Panzer Corpsí powerful scenario editor so modders can try their hand at the near limitless possibilities for making new scenarios and campaigns. In related news, the base game of Panzer Corps is available for 50% off the original price for the first two weeks of the sale. Also, a sale will run from midnight EST at November 22nd until midnight January 8th and will include up to a 33% discount of all Slitherine and Matrix Games titles released during 2010 and earlier and even some released this year.