New World Order v1.5 Patch

Project Three Interactive has issued a new patch for New World Order, bringing this tactical FPS by Termite Games to v1.5. This update contains several major brand new features: player leaning, different rates of fire for weapons, bind commands and weather effects (rain) in selected maps. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • New World Order v1.42 to v1.5 Patch (1 MB)
  • New World Order v1.43 to v1.5 (1 MB)
  • List of fixes; * Much improved game stability * Improved game performance * Made it so that spectating a player in 1st person will not show his weapon going through walls * Added option to player setup to have old-style ammo counter * Added player leaning * Added selectable rate of fire for weapons * Improved networking * Added 'show kill messages' option on / off to player setup * Improved stability and performance of clearing of decals each round * Improved the scope zoom, smoother zoom in / out * Made single shot rate of fire mode higher accuracy * 'gamerules' now report the gamemode and server damage multiplier on all gamemodes * Fixed join-through-IP in join server screen * Added client port override entry to network settings * Added tracers on / off option to player setup * Fixed invisible player while in team/model select menu * Added environment effect rain (on select maps) * Tweaked pain sounds * Added 'weather effects' detail slider to video options * Fixed player dropping weapon during reload * Added key bindable buy scripts functionality * Fixed glitch where you could equip over weight limit of you pressed keys too fast * Bomb carrier now carries the bomb on his back * Added option to player setup to enable / disable auto server re-equip of last used weapon * Added new maps to voteable list * Fixed no damage when shot through glass glitch * Made it so that you can choose other team when dead * Made it so that at match end team and player stats are no reset until new round * Lowered weight of bomb as its carried on back * Added lightflicker dynamic effect * Equip system modified so you cannot equip before the default weapon / loadout has been received * Added bindable command 'cmd_select weaponname' * Fixed glitch where weapon would not unzoom if changing to another weapon * Added system to wait and retry if server is not ready on map change * Fixed grenade / flashbang weight glitch * Lowered flashbang effect radius to 200 units (was 300) * Fixed flashbang throw animation * Removed 'escape here, 'equip bomb' and loadout icon appearing when round / match is over * Fixed negative kill score sometimes being displayed as 65535 in the scoreboard * Now clears hit percentage for each player on new match * Improved AI behaviour, now more likely to do long range combat * Tweaked AI targeting to aim slightly lower to decrease headshot percentage * Made is so that bullets can impact a body and generate blood and pain sounds while death animation is played * Improved AI listening for footsteps, reloads and weapon change * Improved grenade and flashbang physics integrator for much better consistency across the network * Fixed problem where server set to LAN would attempt to join master later anyway * Changed damage multiplier behaviour in start server menu so that you can set lowest 0.1 * Fixed problem where if you dropped a grenade or flashbang all your grenades or flashbangs would get dropped * Made it so that when you kill a player carrying grenades or flashbangs, one grenade and / or flashbang is dropped on ground * Added picking up ammo from weapons on ground (highlight ammo clip and press USE to pick up) * Set SPAS12 to semi auto fire only * Added +noversioncheck commandline switch to disable master connect and version check at startup * Upgraded Server Admin Tool (NWO_SAT.exe) to 1.5 - added 'jump slowdown' (0.0 - 1.0) for setting serverside * Added numpad keys to chat line * Fixed weapon scope could be up at match end * Upgraded player model visibility code so dead bodies don't clip on and off at the edge of the screen * Added numpad Enter key to end typing and send message in chat * Tweaked player model rotations to eliminate sliding feet while running * Tweaked weapon hold rotation upwards to align aim * Fixed clip not being released from gun at reload at first round spectating