Elementary My Dear Majesty Released and Demo

Step into a make-believe world in the first 3D hidden object adventure
Alawar Entertainment has announced the release of Elementary My Dear Majesty, the first 3-D hidden object adventure game for PC. Catastrophe strikes the kingdom of Sky World when Princess Mary turns into a monster during the palace tea party. The royal doctors are unsuccessful in their attempts to reverse the curse, but her father, King Ludwig persists. He can't possibly leave his daughter a monster! He soon hires the kingdom’s most renowned private investigator named Felix who must uncover the truth and sort through clues and suspects along the way, if he wants to keep his head. As a detective working at the request of the king, you'll end a pirate mutiny, face a giant dragon, and soar across the galaxy in an alien ship before you learn the truth behind the princess' less than fashionable new look. A playable demo is now locally mirrored.