iPhone/iPad from Hell 30 November 2011

Round up of new Games/Apps for your iPhone/iPad based devices
If you want any iOS based games or entertainment related application added on these roundups, feel free to contact us.

1. Double Jungle and Stefano Gualeni announce that their first iPad videogame Gua-Le-Ni-Or: The Horrendous Parade is now available. The game, that was inspired both by the British philosopher, David Hume and by a playful Mexican book that allows recombination of animal parts, is the first commercially-released casual video game whose development and tuning were guided by the analysis of its players' psychophysiological responses. Visit this website for details.

2. Developed by TerrorBull Games, War on Terror is a wickedly satirical strategy game that takes place in an imaginary world where there are no goodies and baddies, no real allies, only money. You must control the oil, fund & fight terrorism and do whatever it takes to liberate the entire planet - a video can be found here. Get on iTunes/App Store.

3. Physicz Games has released Figaro Wig HD, a new iPad game full of mazes, physics puzzles and platforming action. The mission of the title is to make a charming fashion item called "Wig" jump, bounce and roll through 30 levels and barbershop traps controlled by evil Figaro "The Barber". Among those traps are Fashion-Mobiles, Hair Dryers and Scissor-Copters that try to give Wig a Bad-Hair-Day. Created with great attention to details, the game features artistically beautiful settings in three different art styles and a great variety of outfits for Wig customization. Get on iTunes/App Store.

4. Legendary Outlaw is now available for the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, and the Apple iPad, Game Tongue Software announced. You play the role of an outlaw willing to do everything and anything to achieve fame and fortune. As Colt Kaufman, you are destined to become the ultimate Legendary Outlaw, but only if you successfully go guns-blazing and use the environments to lure and assassinate enemies by stealth - without being seen or heard! And unlike traditional FPS games where you go on a rampage with guns drawn consistently, Legendary Outlaw allows you to fully utilize the environment to your advantage: You can lure and sneak up on your enemies, creep around corners for better targeting, and take full advantage of shadows to take-out the bad guys. Get on iTunes/App Store.