Repulse Official Website Launched and Gameplay Trailer/Screens

Deploy high-tech weaponry and powerful battle maneuvers in highly-tactical, twitch-based combat to perform a hostile takeover and save the future of mankind
The official website of Repulse has gone live, serving the latest info about this new 3D sci-fi massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS). Set in a dystopian future where the citizens of Earth have polluted the planet beyond repair, Repulse unfolds an epic sci-fi inspired tale where humans must journey to a new world to continue their existence. The game allows you switch freely between the Sniper, Engineer and Assault class as you wait to re-spawn in battle. You can engage in 16-player death matches, destroy your opponents' bases in demolition missions, stave off player-controlled alien hordes, or test your mettle in fast-paced capture the flag (CTF) missions. Repulse will be free to download and free to play - a gameplay movie and five fresh screenshots have been inserted in our download area.