Lineage II Free-to-Play Service Launches Tomorrow

Innova officially opens the European free-to-play service this Friday, with huge Goddess of Destruction expansion, premium accounts and item shop
Innova has announced that its new European free-to-play service for Lineage II will officially launch in English tomorrow, December 16th, featuring the new expansion Goddess of Destruction. The Goddess of Destruction expansion includes improved graphics, 4x faster levelling and character advancement, eight new specialized classes, new bosses, unexplored zones and much more - a revamped world and over 400 hours of brand new gameplay are now available, all unrestricted and completely free. In addition, a brand new item shop will be opened at launch, and the range of items on offer will include runes to speed levelling, scrolls for fast travelling and stylish wardrobe pieces - these are intended to maximize enjoyment of the game, and do not affect game balance. Players will also have the option to purchase Premium Accounts, which provide perks such as accelerated character progression, energy-boosting items and priority server access. Premium Accounts are not required for success in the game, but may be helpful to players with busy lives who wish to make the most of their game time in Lineage II.