Out of Hell 20 December 2011

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Until December 26th 2011, a special present hunt is waiting for players of 3D sci-fi browser game Pirate Galaxy, Splitscreen announced. Space pilots must first collect presents and then face a hefty snowman boss in special missions. Booty includes exclusive blueprints for six powerful Mantis ships and a variety of special paint jobs that can only be found during this campaign. With the blueprints for the enemy Mantis, players can now take control of the opposition's ships for the first time in the 3-year history of Pirate Galaxy.

2. The Gala Group has announced that it now has over 20 million registered users worldwide. Coinciding with the run-up to Christmas, Gala Networks Europe, the EU subsidiary of Gala Networks, is celebrating reaching this milestone with a series of extra-special in-game events for every title running on its gPotato.eu portal.

3. Gazillion Entertainment has revealed the official name for the upcoming Marvel MMO previously under the working title Marvel Universe. The Marvel Heroes of the universe play a pivotal role in the MMO and to reflect how crucial these heroes are, the team has officially named the MMO Marvel Heroes.

4. ATLUS and ACE Team have unveiled that the Steam-exclusive PC version of Rock of Ages has received a Christmas content update. The holiday-themed content includes an all-new Snowman's Head boulder skin (for both online and local use), permanently unlocks all defensive units for all maps, and introduces a number of limited time interface changes to make the game all the merrier.

5. Men of War: Assault Squad and DLC are 50% off, Digitalmindsoft announced. Also, a new and free bonus mission has been released for everyone who owns the game.